SSUSA 2020 Rules apply, with the following exceptions.

Regulation Time Limit:

Games shall be 65 minutes, plus the open inning.

Age Restrictions:

Men: This tournament is for players age 60 and over. However, a team is allowed a maximum of three (3) age 55 to 59 year olds. No more than three can be active on the field at one time.

Women: This tournament is for players age 50 and over.

Runs Per Inning and Mercy Rule:

Five runs per inning.
Except for the final inning, which is an open inning.

If a team is ahead by 12 or more runs, after 5 innings have be completed or 4 ½ with the home team ahead, the game shall be declared a complete game

Home Runs Over the Fence:

6 HRs is the maximum number of homeruns when majors team are playing. Any homerun over the limit is an out. When a Major team plays a AAA team, the AAA home run rules are in effect. All other AAA teams the home run limit is three (3). Any fair ball hit over the fence over the limit will be considered an out.

Senior Softball USA (SSUSA) rule book will be referenced for all other rule interpretations.


Updated Jan. 7, 2020