SSUSA Rules apply, with the following exceptions.

Pitch start with 1 and 1 count. 6 to 12 ft. pitching height.

Regulation Time Limit:

Games shall be 70 minutes plus the open inning.

Age Restrictions:

Men: This tournament is for players age 60 and over. However, a team is allowed a maximum of three (3) age 55 to 59 year olds. A 59-year-old player who turns 60 in the calendar year will be considered a 60 year old player. No more than three can be active on the field at one time.

Women: This tournament is for players age 50 and over.

Runs Per Inning and Mercy Rule:

5 runs is the maximum number of runs per inning per team.
Except for the final inning, which is an open inning.

If a team is ahead by 12 or more runs after 5 innings have be completed or 4 ½ with the home team ahead, the game shall be declared a complete game

Home Runs Over the Fence:

A limit of five (5) home runs per game will be enforced. Any fair ball hit over the fence will be considered a single after the 3-home run limit has been reached. Base runners will be advanced one (1) base.

Senior Softball USA (SSUSA) rule book will be referenced for all other rule interpretations.